TUTORIAL: The Want List intro

This tutorial walks the student through the creation of The Want List intro for the popular web series.

NOTE: The audio is a little jacked, thanks to the built-in microphone and my louder than normal speaking voice when talking to a group of students.

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  1. Hi Steve, enjoyed your site and the great info & freebies you have. I have a question I would like to ask you. If it is not something you have time for, I understand so just ignore it.
    I’m not very experienced using AE & PS but have been searching for a tutorial on taking a static photo background of a long road and having it appear as if one is slowly traveling up the road. Would greatly appreciate if you could advise me if AE and/or PS are best for doing this, and would I need any special plugins. I am currently looking at image loung tunnel effect to see if it woul help. My plan is to use it as a DVD or HD menu background. Thanks

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