TRAILER: Side by Side

When I was but a young man, I always wanted to shoot film – real film, the kind that breathes life into the image it is capturing.  Budget and location proved to me very quickly that once my days of 8mm shooting were done, that video would have to take its place.  Since then, I’ve been a video guy, but with the introduction of the CineAlta, the realization that film was a dead medium for modern motion pictures became clear.  George Lucas cemented it when he shot Star Wars Episodes 1-3.  Today, with the Canon 5D and others, that prospect of creating stories that have nearly the same dynamics as film, and that are being shown in movie theaters, is once again something within reach to everyone.

But everyone isn’t excited about the switch to digital.  Keanu Reeves sits down to talk with creators about filmmaking in the upcoming documentary, Side by Side.  A trailer for the film movie has been released, that teases the arguments for both sides.

The movie premieres at the Berlin Film Festival, and I can’t wait to see the entire piece.



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  1. Just wanted to pop by and say THANKS for your great tutorials on lighting…real life-saver for an unwilling art director pressed into videography duty!

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