Title: Close Up Wheat Field HDV Version

Record Date: June 1, 2005
Sony Z1U Camera
Format: QuickTime 7 (HDV 1080i60 codec)


Download by Clicking Here (137 MB)

This shot is free and you may use it as you like. If you do use it in a commercial production, please let me know if it was helpful.

3 Replies to “Title: Close Up Wheat Field HDV Version”

  1. Hey Stephen,

    I am a student as USC school of Cinema and I used this stock footage in my Film named Sadie’s Hour. Thank you so much for posting this. It was helpful. If you would like a copy of the film just let me know.


  2. Hi Stephen,

    I am producing a short film with “Harvest” as the theme. However- my Avid Media Composer will not accept the HDV video you have here. Would you happen to have anything in full HD with “Wheat”? Just curious. Thanks for your time,

    Kind regards,

    Monty Lewis Sauerwein
    Rocky Mountain Media

  3. Thank you Stephen for allowing me to use you video clip. I would only using this clip for Christian poems. Not to be sold but to be given as gifts. Thanks again.


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