PC to Mac: Getting There

thunderbird.jpgMigrating your Outlook Express Contacts to Apple Mail

When I purchased my MacBook Pro a year ago, I had originally intended it to be my portable editing facility. In the current configuration, it has more than enough power to edit DV or HDV in the field with an attached G2 FW800 drive and a Sony HDV deck. My HP Pavilion DV8000 is also a 17-inch system, but weighs quite a bit more than the MacBook Pro. Little did I know that midway through this fall semester I would get extremely tired of lugging two laptops to work with me so I could get class work done on the Mac (thanks to Keynote being an awesome app) and my regular writing (DVICE.com, Major Spoilers, Coolness Roundup) on the PC.

Around November I decided to make the migration from using the PC laptop to using the Mac exclusively for everything I do. For the most part I have mirrored everything from the PC to the Mac, with two exceptions; Adobe After Effects (needs to be updated to run on Leopard), and my e-mail. I like Mac Mail a lot, but considering I have hundreds of contacts on the PC, moving them to the Mac as easily as possible is/was one of those final frontier things.

Of course Microsoft and Apple are never going to make it easy to migrate from one system to the other, and my contact list is no exception. Using the standard export/import features on both applications was not a success. Either no data would import, or about half the contact info would import, but not in the correct information cell.

Fortunately, an hour of searching the web for a short way revealed the answer – use Thunderbird as an in between step.

Take the jump for the step by step and save yourself the trouble if you are moving.

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