PIC A DAY: October 24, 2014

For the last several months I’ve been flying drones a lot. The most recent has been the DJI S900; a monster of a drone that caries a Lumix LX-7 camera that can capture HD video or 10MP still images.  This morning I took the drone up, and with FHSU student Ken Moreno, we took still images of possible university use.

The best part about this shot was the low lying fog that was enveloping the area.  The sun was trying to punch through the cloud layer, which hindered some of the light in the shot, but I think the highlights in the image came out really well.  I’m sure a few tweaks in Adobe Photoshop will totally turn this image around.


The one thing I didn’t like was we ran into some battery problems with the drone and only got 10 minutes of flight time. Another 10 minutes and the sun would have been higher in the show for more views of the campus.

One thing I’ve discovered/learned over the years is that the cloud layer can make or break the morning light shot. The above shot would be 100 times better had the clouds not been between the sun and the campus.  Take a look at this image that was taken just two days before.


This image was taken with my iPhone 5S with HDR on. The sun hasn’t quite broken the horizon in this shot, but look at how the clouds are lit up and in turn are casting light on the surrounding elements.  Simply wonderful.  If these clouds had been around this morning then the top shot would have been even more wonderful than it already is.

As of today, I have 105 hours of flight time with drones ranging from the DJI Phantom all the way to the S900.

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