Pic a Day 123111 Orion

I love timelapse photography, and I love pictures of the night sky.  Earlier in 2011, I had attempted some night time work that didn’t turn out very well. I’ve been doing some reading, video watching, and consulting, and finally went out on a very cold night to see if I could do a better job than the last time.

While I don’t have a fast lens (this one only opens to f/4.0), I was pleased with the overall results.  Though I am pointing back toward the city, the constellation Orion can clearly be seen in the shot, and the colors of the stars looks great.

Canon 5D MKII, 17mm, 10 sec exposure, f/4.0, ISO 1600


I figured if I was already set up for one picture, I figured I’d take the intervalometer and do a timelapse as well.

It’s rather short, but since it was a test, I didn’t want to spend all night waiting to see if I had a success or failure. I think everything came out well, and I can’t wait to get a faster lens and go to town with some Milky Way shots when it gets warmer outside.

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