iPad Pro solves digital comic gap, but at what cost?

Way back in 2010, I was the biggest proponent of Apple’s iPad, but even with the ability to carry 10,000 digital comics in the palm of my hand, the biggest problem was that comic readers were never getting a 1:1 reading experience. Apple solved that today with the introduction of the iPad Pro.

With a 12.9-inch diagonal display, the screen on the new iPad Pro is now larger than a normal comic book. With millions of pixels, and the ability to zoom in even more, digital comic book reading is going to be an even better experience.  Now instead of the constant zooming in and out to read my favorite comic, I can see it in as good a resolution as the print version selling at my local comic shop.

It seems like we are experiencing a brand new day in comics just like we did five years ago.

But at what cost?


The 128GB system will set you back $950 when it arrives in November, which may seem like a lot for someone just buying the iPad Pro to read comics. But who uses their iPad to just read comics? Gaming, art, video editing and more are going to run spectacularly on this new system.


The Pencil (re: Stylus) for the new iPad Pro looks fantastic, and there are certainly some opportunities for Adobe and other graphic applications to take advantage of the new interface and attention to detail. However, the biggest disappointment in the new iPad Pro is that it could really become a Wacom competitor if it would just allow the new connector to act as an interface for the Mac (or PC if you really want to go there). The size is right, the attention to detail is there, so why not integrate it with a computer?  I recently purchased a Wacom tablet, that I have been dying to have for years, and I love using it for Photoshop, rotoscoping in After Effects and Mocha, and editing in Adobe Premiere.  It seems like a simple matter for Apple to make the new connector “talk” with the Mac and act as a secondary monitor with the interactive interface.

Perhaps we’ll need to wait until iPad Pro 2.0.


Overall, I’m very excited to see what the iPad Pro brings us in November.

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