FREE FOOTAGE: Time Lapse Clouds

Plenty of clouds today, so I went to shoot a time lapse of the clouds as they drifted by.  This is the result for your use.

DATE: April 11, 2011
FORMAT: HD 1080p30
CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark II
LENGTH: 17 seconds
CODEC: QuickTime H.264
FILE SIZE: 575.6MB (HD) 111.6 (SD)

Download the HD version in .zip format here.

Download the NTSC version in .zip format here:

As always, you may use the footage for any project – that includes feature film, broadcast television, commercial work, indie project, etc. without having to pay a fee. The only thing I ask is you a) do not redistribute the footage as part of a stock footage library, b) please contact me with the project you used the shot in, and c) list me in any credits for the project.

I would also ask that you send a copy of the completed project to me for my records.

Other than that – go to town and have fun. Don’t forget, I also have several other free video clips for you to use.

If you liked this clip, and are feeling generous, I appreciate any donations.


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