Enter the Ninja

With all the shooting I’ve been doing on the Canon 5D MkII lately, I’ve realized two things; first, that I like to shoot longer than five minutes at a time, and second, that I need a lot of hard drive space to get the footage in and out of the system.

I’ve used several HDD systems over the years, and I’m particularly fond of the CityDisk system for my Sony Z1U (yes, I’m still using that camera), but I need something that is not a FOCUS FireStore system.

I’ve just been made aware of the Ninja system from Atomos, and I think it may solve my problem.


Atomos Ninja demonstration from UrbanFox.TV on Vimeo.

At $995.00 the price is just right, but the user still needs to purchase the HHD or SSD drives, which adds to the cost.

via Atomos

With all the little extras I’ve been adding to the camera, I probably need to think about getting one of these, too.

This will only set me back an additional $2,500, but it just might be worth it with all the ways it can be configured.

via Redrock Micro

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