Editing movies with the iPhone

So, I finally broke down and purchased an iPhone 4.0 this weekend.  For a couple of years now, the household has wanted to move away from the Blackberry Pearl to the iPhone, simply because the iPhone is more media friendly than the Blackberry.  Don’t get me wrong, the Blackberry is fine when it comes to instant messages, and email, but surfing the web, taking pictures, and trying to listen to podcasts are like pulling teeth.


The one thing I wanted to really test was the video and iMovie capabilities of the iPhone.  I know others have had about a year to do this stuff themselves, but as someone who has spent a decade plus editing on both linear and non-linear editing systems, I wanted to see how this system stacked up.

It isn’t difficult to edit, though nailing in and out points to the exact frame is next to impossible, and figuring out how to add title screens is frustrating.  There are no direct methods for mixing and editing audio, and even getting an audio fade out seems impossible.  Maybe there are ways of doing this I haven’t discovered yet – I’ve only spent a few hours trying to create something that looks somewhat professional, but my initial first test reaction is using an iPhone for civic journalism, capturing family memories, or doing rough tests for a larger project is possible.  I know I won’t be using this device for anything that is expected to have a higher production value.

However, I do know that the quality of the video, and the on the spot nature of capturing breaking news, means people around the world will need a product that allows them to do it relatively easily.  There has been a lot of discussion at my Real World Job (RWJ) regarding letting all students become citizen journalists, and though I have many concerns that haven’t been addressed, getting the iPhone into the hands of these future reporters of events will have the biggest and best impact for the long term viability of the project.

Here is the result of a morning in the park with my son.

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