Do you have questions about podcasting?

I’m working on something for podcasters, and those that want to podcast. I think it will be a good resource for everyone, and will pull back the curtain a bit on what we do on the Major Spoilers Podcast Network.  But I need your help.

A little bit of background on me (if you aren’t familiar already), I’ve spent 20 years teaching video and audio production to college students from across the country, and they have gone on to work with The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, and more television and radio stations than I can shake a stick at.  I’ve been the lead author on multiple editions of the Adobe Classroom in a Book series, and have contributed to numerous other publications.  

I’ve been podcasting since 2005 when I launched The Coolness Roundup with my friend and former Mashable editor Charlie White, and since then I have produced literally thousands of hours of audio entertainment.

There are number of topics that I can discuss in depth on podcasting, but I want to craft something specific to your needs.

Please use the comment section below to let me know what topics you would be interested in learning more about. Post production? Editing tips? Maybe you just need a rundown of a basic, mid, and advanced podcasting rig.

Based on your input, I will work on answering your questions/topics by the end of July.



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  1. I like the intro, intermediate, advanced idea for both equipment and techniques, just like many classes at school are structured. Lets people who know little or nothing decide if it interests them and also lets them stop or continue to whatever level they are most comfortable.

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