Cinema 4D r17 is available now

Maxon has announced that the new release of Cinema 4D (17) is now available for everyone to purchase, install, and start generating awesome animations.

From the press release:

Cinema 4D R17 delivers powerful new features to dramatically increase production pipeline performance and positively impact the creative experience including the new Take System that offers functions above and beyond those of any conventional render layer system; Render Tokens to easily organize rendering tasks and files, with project-file-based names, named object buffers, and folders for each pass; a versatile new Color Chooser; and updated import and export functions. R17 also sports innovative sculpting functions, expanded motion tracking features and completely reworked spline tools that enhance the modeling, sculpting and animation design workflow.

Earlier this month Sean Frangella ran through the top five new features of the software that make the upgrade (or new purchase) worth it.

I do not have the update as of yet, I’m hoping Maxon will send a review copy my way, as there are some new updates to the tracking features that should make using the feature easier.

BodyPaint_3D_R17_Application_Screenshot Cinema_4D_R17_Animation_Improvements Cinema_4D_R17_Broadcast_Application_Screenshot Cinema_4D_R17_Color_Chooser Cinema_4D_R17_Graph_View_Motion_Tracker Cinema_4D_R17_Lens_Distortion Cinema_4D_R17_Prime_Application_Screenshot Cinema_4D_R17_Spline_Tools Cinema_4D_R17_Studio_Application_Screenshot Cinema_4D_R17_Take_System Cinema_4D_R17_Variation_Shader Cinema_4D_R17_Visualize_Application_Screenshot

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