Scheduled Post Test

There seems to be a major bug in the 2.9 release of WordPress that is preventing scheduled posts from triggering and posting correctly.  This is a major problem for those who work ahead (like me), in order to maximize readership, and to ensure every post gets its moment in the sun.  I’m writing this post at 11:25 AM, and scheduling it for 12:55 PM.  If you see the post, then great, everything seems to be working fine.  If you don’t see it, then how the heck are you reading it now?

Oh, Snow Day today… bleh… time to shovel.

12 Must Have Plug-ins for WordPress

wordpresslogoI’m a big fan of WordPress for all my current website needs. With free blogging software making it easier and easier for creatives to build a website that is easy to update from anywhere, there are a few plug-ins I’ve been using that make posting articles much easier and enjoyable for me and readers of the sites.

Take the jump for my list of 12 Must Have Plug-ins for WordPres that you can use right now.

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