[Review] Panasonic AG-UX90 good camera for indie producers

For the last couple of weeks I have had a chance to test the new AG-UX90 camera from Panasonic. The lightweight camera is great for the photog on the go or for those doing documentary work. Should you grab this camera? I run down the great, and not so great features of the camera, in this review.

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REVIEW: F&V Z96 Video Light

As camera gear grows smaller, and the light sensitivity of cameras increases, the need for large bulky light kits are declining to an extent. For the run and gun shooter, having a portable LED light to fill in those dark places is a must have.  F&V has a fairly inexpensive unit that might be right up your alley.

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REVIEW: gps4cam – Geotagging your photos

I love the fact that my iPhone automatically geotags photos that I take when I am out and about. Once imported into Aperture, or other photo imaging application that supports metadata, it’s a simple click of the button to find out where on the planet the photo was taken.

But with bigger cameras, like the Canon 5D Mark II, there is a surprising lack of GPS tagging to be found. Oh sure, you could spend several hundred dollars for a GPS system that attaches to the camera, but the ones I have seen are big, and tend to get in the way. Since I always carry my iPhone with me, I went looking for a solution on the App Store.

Enter gps4cam.

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Editing movies with the iPhone

So, I finally broke down and purchased an iPhone 4.0 this weekend.  For a couple of years now, the household has wanted to move away from the Blackberry Pearl to the iPhone, simply because the iPhone is more media friendly than the Blackberry.  Don’t get me wrong, the Blackberry is fine when it comes to instant messages, and email, but surfing the web, taking pictures, and trying to listen to podcasts are like pulling teeth.

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12 Must Have Plug-ins for WordPress

wordpresslogoI’m a big fan of WordPress for all my current website needs. With free blogging software making it easier and easier for creatives to build a website that is easy to update from anywhere, there are a few plug-ins I’ve been using that make posting articles much easier and enjoyable for me and readers of the sites.

Take the jump for my list of 12 Must Have Plug-ins for WordPres that you can use right now.

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Color Caller ID System

picon_1.jpgColor coding your friends and family

I don ?t get a lot of phone calls at the Central Division, but when I do, I pretty much know the call is going to fall into one of four categories; people I want to talk to, people I want to avoid, telemarketers, and work. A Caller ID system does let me know who is calling, but unless I want to get up and walk across the room, any caller is a distraction. The Color Caller ID System let ?s you group callers using a light up color display that gives you the advantage.

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Final Cut Pro Foundations

fcpf_header.jpgNew training DVD excellent for beginners

When I teach my video editing class, a lot of time is spent on the basics of how to use the tools in Final Cut Pro. While this is valuable, other topics, like editing theory, can get pushed to the side. A training DVD is a great way to get students familiar with the interface, how basic steps are performed, and it allows them to work at their own pace. DVCreators.net has recently released Final Cut Pro Foundations, which is the perfect training tool for beginners.

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Total Training for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0

aspnet2_set1.jpgFrom creative to programming Total Training continues to diversify

Total Training for Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 is the latest in Total Trainings DVD training series focusing on web development. In this two DVD set, Andy Olsen walks the viewer through the development of ASP.NET web applications using C# and Visual Studio 2005.

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wordpresspicon.jpgWebsites made easy

In the last three years the number of people creating their own unique presence on the web has exploded. But not everyone has the skills or time to spend manually creating a website using traditional HTML applications like DreamWeaver. To solve this problem, several applications have come along that allow users to quickly create a website using easy to understand tools. WordPress is one such application that can be used for personal blogging, complex websites, or even major corporations.

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