12 Must Have Plug-ins for WordPress

wordpresslogoI’m a big fan of WordPress for all my current website needs. With free blogging software making it easier and easier for creatives to build a website that is easy to update from anywhere, there are a few plug-ins I’ve been using that make posting articles much easier and enjoyable for me and readers of the sites.

Take the jump for my list of 12 Must Have Plug-ins for WordPres that you can use right now.

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Knoll Light Factory Pro 2.5

knollpicon.jpgSolid upgrade for motion graphic artists

Ah the every famous CG Lens Flare. Back in its heyday, 3D animation and motion graphics were full of the stock effect that became the staple of cheese. Need to hype up a logo? Add a lens flare! Does it take place in outer space? Add a lens flare! The effect became so over hyped it quickly became a joke, and if you used them, you were sure to get a lashing from your boss.

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