You can never have too much RAM

I’m currently in the middle of testing a new piece of software, and I ran into an issue with my MacBook Pro.  I mentioned about six months ago on the Coolness Roundup, that I had retired my Mac Pro system in favor of using my 17-inch MacBook Pro as my full time Mac system.  The Intel-based Mac system has been doing wonderfully, and I can run everything from Adobe’s After Effects system all the way to editing HD video in Final Cut Pro.  However, this new software is a really memory drainer when it comes to one of the new features, and when I began reading and trouble shooting it turns out I could use a bit more RAM on the system.

One would think 4GB of RAM would be enough, but 8GB is better. A quick shopping spree at the Apple store, and I’ve now upgraded to 8GB and the system is running like a dream machine once again.  Best of all, during this holiday season, Apple is giving free 2-3 day shipping.  Even better?  I ordered my RAM late Thursday, and it was here by the end of the day Friday.

Bottom line – you can never have too much money, too much RAM, or FILL IN THE BLANK HERE.

Next Up – WordPress 2.9.

Unboxing 27-inch iMac

It took me a while to decide if I was going to purchase the new 27-inch iMac from Apple.  For the past year and a half, my 17-inch MacBook Pro has been the primary work machine, recording podcasts, maintaining the websites (not this one of course, ’cause I NEVER update this site), and generally being my attached at the hip machine.

Following a recent live show, it became clear to me that while the MacBook Pro will continue to be my everyday machine, it does slip a bit here and there when it comes to being able to handle everything I need to do at any one time.  So, the decision was made to purchase yet another computer (3 PCs and 4 Macs is the current tally) that would handle the recording of the podcasts (even more coming in the new year), and being the general work machine when I am at home at night.

The iMac arrived at the Major Spoilers HQ on Wednesday, and it took until Friday for me to find a free moment to unbox this beast and get it set up.

The Joys and Horrors of Facebook: 24 years later

There are some really good things about Facebook.

  • It gives everyone a chance to hook up with friends old and new
  • There are plenty of photos to check out of those people

There are also some things I’d rather not have Facebook post

  • Like this picture of me from 199, that college friend Kelli dug up and posted

Good gravy, was I ever that young and thin? It seems unreal.

Cyber Bullying

comicstew.jpgI found this article by Stacy Baugher very interesting as it seems more and more indie websites are being pressured to remove negatively reviewed material by the major corporations and publishers under the guise of protecting the company’s interests. My guess is, as long as you are being a yes man and drinking the corporate Kool-aid you’ll be ignored, but say something that is probably the truth gets you a dreaded C&D.

Is this a sign of things to come? Are certain parties using legal means to quiet some voices in the comic community. Look at some of the larger, more successful comic communities out there. The site reviewers rarely have bad things to say about product and tend to depend greatly on press releases and information which comes directly from the publisher, if they review comics at all. In the interviews, these sites never really seem to come across and ask questions that actually have any teeth. The members of the message boards, if the site has one, tend to be critical, but this often seems to be a knee jerk reaction and more of a ?look at me ? tactic than a serious contribution. Also, there are few people who go to a site to read about the latest upcoming issues or news and are willing to sift through all the comments. The flame wars can get pretty ugly fast on some of these message boards.

If you have been listening to the Coolness Roundup podcast, you know Charlie and I have talked about corporate watchdogs and blog sites being the last bastion of good information out there. What’s even more interesting is a good reviewer/commenter who calls BS when s/he smells it, can actually end up being a good thing for the company – just ask Steve Jobs how he feels about Charlie White, and then look at how the company changes for the better.

via The Comic Stew

What’s Wrong with This Picture?


Yes, another fine delivery by the men and women of UPS. Way to go guys. I can understand if there was a slight ding, a tear or something like that, but to have the entire side of the box crushed, even though it has a fragile sticker on it, and yet still deliver it without as much as a “we notice your box is damaged, you might want to make sure everything is okay” is beyond comprehension.

The world is full of morons.

And yes, the contents were damaged.