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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Final Cut Pro Quick Tip #47

(originally published May 23, 2005)
Real-time Multiclip Editing in Final Cut Pro 5

One of the best new features in Final Cut Pro 5 is multicam editing. This handy feature allows those do multiple camera productions to gang the clips together to make editing a breeze. In this Final Cut Pro Quick Tip, we?ll quickly look at how it works.

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Final Cut Pro Quick Tip #61

fcpqt61picon.jpgCopy and Paste Attributes

The joy of multiclip editing in Final Cut Pro can quickly leave a sour taste in your mouth when it comes to color correcting one particular angle after you have performed a basic edit. On the one hand, you could drag and drop the color corrector effect over and over (and over) again until your mind is completely numb, or you can paste the filter across all of the clips in the timeline in mere moments.

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Final Cut Pro Foundations

fcpf_header.jpgNew training DVD excellent for beginners

When I teach my video editing class, a lot of time is spent on the basics of how to use the tools in Final Cut Pro. While this is valuable, other topics, like editing theory, can get pushed to the side. A training DVD is a great way to get students familiar with the interface, how basic steps are performed, and it allows them to work at their own pace. has recently released Final Cut Pro Foundations, which is the perfect training tool for beginners.

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Knoll Light Factory Pro 2.5

knollpicon.jpgSolid upgrade for motion graphic artists

Ah the every famous CG Lens Flare. Back in its heyday, 3D animation and motion graphics were full of the stock effect that became the staple of cheese. Need to hype up a logo? Add a lens flare! Does it take place in outer space? Add a lens flare! The effect became so over hyped it quickly became a joke, and if you used them, you were sure to get a lashing from your boss.

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Final Cut Pro QuickTip #54

Exporting video for iPod

Everyone I have talked to is very excited about the latest ipod that has the ability to play video. Even if you don ?t have a G5 iPod, you can still produce video content, and in this Final Cut Pro QuickTip, I ?ll show you how to export your sequence from Final Cut Pro to a format that will work with the portable music (and now video) player.

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