Pic a Day 122511: The Boy

For whatever reason, I take a lot of pictures of my kids without looking through the viewfinder – I simply point, pull the trigger and shoot.  Most of the time I end up with worthless images that are destined for the Recycle Bin, other times I get something I like.  Like today’s picture featuring my oldest son.

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Pic a Day 122211: Bokeh Christmas

There’s something to the phrase, “teaching an old dog new tricks.” I’ve always been aware of the phenomenon that occurs when light blurs due to being out of focus or beyond the focal plane of an image.  I never knew the name effect was bokeh (originally boke – Japanese for blur or haze).  I knew you could use bokeh to determine the number of blades in a lenses shutter, but never put it together that you could place something in front of the lens and get an amazing effect like the picture for today.

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