iPad Pro solves digital comic gap, but at what cost?

Way back in 2010, I was the biggest proponent of Apple’s iPad, but even with the ability to carry 10,000 digital comics in the palm of my hand, the biggest problem was that comic readers were never getting a 1:1 reading experience. Apple solved that today with the introduction of the iPad Pro.

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Adobe After Effects on Metal

If you saw the entire WWDC 2015 presentation, you probably heard that Adobe is committed to bringing Metal to all of its applications.  What does that mean for After Effects users? It means speed, dammit, SPEED!


Apple says that the new Metal API will offer up 8X the rendering speed, which is great. I just hope it doesn’t also mean I will need to get a Mac Pro to do it, as I’m kinda poor right now. Still, if this works seamlessly on my iMac, then a lot of the post work I’ve been doing on the Major Spoilers Video YouTube channel is going to be a breeze.

I’ll find out more, and see exactly how well it performs when everything is released.

PIC A DAY 010612 – Office Light

I was in the dentist’s office this week and saw the light coming through this frosted glass window, and simply love how the soft light fills this corner of the room.  I like looking at natural light and figuring out ways to duplicate this in the studio.

Image taken with iPhone 4

Editing movies with the iPhone

So, I finally broke down and purchased an iPhone 4.0 this weekend.  For a couple of years now, the household has wanted to move away from the Blackberry Pearl to the iPhone, simply because the iPhone is more media friendly than the Blackberry.  Don’t get me wrong, the Blackberry is fine when it comes to instant messages, and email, but surfing the web, taking pictures, and trying to listen to podcasts are like pulling teeth.

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Unboxing the DODOCase

I received my Dodo Case for my iPad the other day, and it ranks up there as one of the best and most beautiful cases I’ve seen or used with the device. Handmade from bamboo and faux leather, the $59.95 case looks more like a Moleskine journal than a piece of high-tech gadgetry.

Take the jump for the complete gallery of the unboxing, and see for yourself how beautiful the design really is.

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iPad Unboxing

I was surprised as all heck that UPS was able to get the brand new iPad to my door this morning.  On Thursday afternoon, the tracking showed it just leaving China.

So here it is… my brand new favorite device in the whole wide world.  A couple of things that surprised me:

  1. The iPad is heavier than I thought it would be
  2. When I connected the iPad to my desktop, iTunes showed that an iPad had previously been synched with my system back in February, 2010.  I wonder how the heck Steve Jobs got in my house to see if the new device would work with my system.
  3. I’m loving the heck out of this thing!

You can never have too much RAM

I’m currently in the middle of testing a new piece of software, and I ran into an issue with my MacBook Pro.  I mentioned about six months ago on the Coolness Roundup, that I had retired my Mac Pro system in favor of using my 17-inch MacBook Pro as my full time Mac system.  The Intel-based Mac system has been doing wonderfully, and I can run everything from Adobe’s After Effects system all the way to editing HD video in Final Cut Pro.  However, this new software is a really memory drainer when it comes to one of the new features, and when I began reading and trouble shooting it turns out I could use a bit more RAM on the system.

One would think 4GB of RAM would be enough, but 8GB is better. A quick shopping spree at the Apple store, and I’ve now upgraded to 8GB and the system is running like a dream machine once again.  Best of all, during this holiday season, Apple is giving free 2-3 day shipping.  Even better?  I ordered my RAM late Thursday, and it was here by the end of the day Friday.

Bottom line – you can never have too much money, too much RAM, or FILL IN THE BLANK HERE.

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