Adobe announces After Effects CC (2017)

Adobe has announced the new feature set for Adobe After Effects CC 2017 (November 2016 release). This release is the first time in a long time where I didn’t participate in the Adobe Pre-Release program, so all of the new features and announcements are fresh for me too!

Here is a quick rundown of the new features in After Effects CC 2017

Team Projects – Four years ago, I really wanted to use the Adobe workflow in a collaborative method with Zach, a collaborator of mine. Unfortunately, the sinking, uploading, and ways in which collaboration at a distance worked, the plans we had in place fell completely apart. This may now be a viable solution with Team Projects.

Using Team Projects, editors and motion graphics artists can work simultaneously in shared team projects within After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Adobe Prelude CC without any additional hardware. Team project data is securely hosted in the cloud and the Media files referenced by your project are saved in local source files or in shared lightweight proxies.

Lately proxies have been my favorite thing to use while working on projects (more on this later). I can’t wait to try Team Projects with Zach in the near future.

New 3D Composition Renderer: Cinema 4D – Jumping back and forth between Maxon’s Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects isn’t a huge problem, but being able to natively use C4D’s rendering and tools in After Effects is a huge improvement in including 3D in your next motion graphics project.

You can now quickly create 3D text and logos without any specific hardware, bend planes, and extrude 3D text and shapes directly inside the timeline. The simplified 3D workflow allows you to easily control quality and render settings with a single slider, while using the same camera, lighting and text animation tools.

Improved Live Text Template Workflow – Are people still using Live Text?

Till the previous release, you could share a live text template with a Premiere Pro user only by providing a complete project file with relevant assets. In this release, you can package a composition along with its assets into a single, easy-to-share file with everything your editor needs. Just save your composition as a text template using the Composition > Export as Text Template option and the editor can then work on the template and assets within Premiere Pro.

Character Animator Scenes in After Effects via Dynamic Link – Character Animator has been around for a few years as a separate application, but now, with Dynamic Link, you can open Character Animator scenes directly in After Effects or Premiere Pro.

After import, the scene appears in the Project panel as Dynamic Link video footage that you can add to a composition like any other video footage. Character Animator does not need to be open while you use the scene in After Effects.

Freeze on Last Frame – It may seem like a simple, throw away feature, but for those who need a little bit added to the end of the composition, this feature makes it easier to add the necessary length to the end of the composition.

These are just a few of the improvements and additions to Adobe After Effects CC 2017. The update is available now for all of the Adobe line of products.

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