Adobe After Effects CS6 Walk Through

Adobe After Effects CS6 has a number of new features. Included in this walk-through/demo, are the new caching features, the 3D Camera Tracker, and Advanced 3D Render engine that allows the user to extrude text.

I was up late last night recording this, and there are a few times I totally say one word, when I mean another… duhr.

Make sure you watch this full size at 1080p!

3 Replies to “Adobe After Effects CS6 Walk Through”

  1. Very cool. I haven’t used AE since 3.5ish or so, and my video editing skills are much atrophied.

    This would be a good thing to point to for people asking for Video Podcasts of Critical Hit. It shows how much work goes into just a few seconds of content.

  2. Take a gander at the credits to Wil Wheaton’s TableTop show, even I didn’t think they would have a crew that large. Critical Hit would need at least that many, if not more.

  3. They also filmed their shows a few months before the release I believe. I really need to upgrade to 6. I’ve been been adding a shatter layer to my text to make it 3d :/

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