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TRAILER: Side by Side

When I was but a young man, I always wanted to shoot film – real film, the kind that breathes life into the image it is capturing.  Budget and location proved to me very quickly that once my days of … Continue reading

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REVIEW: F&V Z96 Video Light

As camera gear grows smaller, and the light sensitivity of cameras increases, the need for large bulky light kits are declining to an extent. For the run and gun shooter, having a portable LED light to fill in those dark … Continue reading

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How to do an awesome product review (and anger the company at the same time)

So I’ve been working on some ways to get back into reviews, but instead of text based, I want to do them as video shorts.  Of course that means one has to figure out how to make the video interesting … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Mobius

If you are still wondering what the new Canon EOS c300 is capable of doing, check out Vincent Laforet’s Mobius in glorious 1080p. Continue reading

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Enter the Ninja

I’ve just been made aware of the Ninja system from Atomos, and I think it may solve my problem. Continue reading

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TUTORIAL: Tracking a Trophy with Mocha for After Effects

This is a live in-class tutorial/demonstration of how to use Mocha for AE to track the front of a trophy, and then replace it with a new faceplate for an interstitial for an awards program. Continue reading

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Sony announces NEX-FS100 Super 35mm camcorder

Just when I make the jump from the Sony Z1-U to the Canon 5D Mark II, Sony announces a 35mm CMOS sensor camera that the company claims can create film like video. The NEX-FS100 is a new E-mount professional camcorder … Continue reading

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