Canon 5D Mark III announced

Canon has announced the upcoming release of the Canon 5D Mark III the successor to the ever popular 5D Mark II that many film and television crews love to use.  I have two 5D Mark IIs, will today’s announcement prompt me to go on a selling spree to get the Mark III?

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PIC A DAY 022912 – Wrasslin’

Worked the regional RMAC wrestling tournament this past weekend.

Taken with the iPhone 4S

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Car Mounting Made Easy with CineSquid

A while ago I contributed to the CineSkates Kickstarter campaign, and have been thoroughly pleased with what Justin Jensen delivered.  The low profile dolly system works really well, and the number of angles that can be captured thanks to the GorillaPod legs is a brilliant move.

Now Cinetics have announced a brand new product – CineSquid that allows you to mount your DSLR or small vidcam to a moving vehicle.

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TRAILER: Side by Side

When I was but a young man, I always wanted to shoot film – real film, the kind that breathes life into the image it is capturing.  Budget and location proved to me very quickly that once my days of 8mm shooting were done, that video would have to take its place.  Since then, I’ve been a video guy, but with the introduction of the CineAlta, the realization that film was a dead medium for modern motion pictures became clear.  George Lucas cemented it when he shot Star Wars Episodes 1-3.  Today, with the Canon 5D and others, that prospect of creating stories that have nearly the same dynamics as film, and that are being shown in movie theaters, is once again something within reach to everyone.

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Fotoshop by Adobe

I really like this mock-commercial, and it does a great job of pointing out how false advertising (skinny sexy models) alter our perception of body image and what is beautiful in society.

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Adobe announces open beta for Lightroom 4

Today, Adobe Systems announced the open beta release of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (no, I’m not going to put all the registered trademark logos all over the place).  If you have an Adobe Labs account, you can download the beta, test it, play with it, and use it until March 2012.

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PIC A DAY 010612 – Office Light

I was in the dentist’s office this week and saw the light coming through this frosted glass window, and simply love how the soft light fills this corner of the room.  I like looking at natural light and figuring out ways to duplicate this in the studio.

Image taken with iPhone 4

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