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TUTORIAL: Keying in Adobe After Effects CS6

I do a show called The Want List that requires a bunch of keying in Adobe After Effects. In this video I walk you through my process of going from Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to Adobe After Effects CS6 and … Continue reading

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Adobe After Effects CS6 Walk Through

Adobe After Effects CS6 has a number of new features. Included in this walk-through/demo, are the new caching features, the 3D Camera Tracker, and Advanced 3D Render engine that allows the user to extrude text. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Kenko Extension Tube

A month ago, I picked up a set of Kenko Auto Extension Tubes that allow photographers to turn an ordinary lens into a macro – and in some cases a super-macro – lens. Continue reading

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Canon 5D Mark III announced

Canon has announced the upcoming release of the Canon 5D Mark III the successor to the ever popular 5D Mark II that many film and television crews love to use.  I have two 5D Mark IIs, will today’s announcement prompt … Continue reading

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REVIEW: gps4cam – Geotagging your photos

The idea behind gps4cam is a sound one; you start a trip, and at predefined intervals, the application captures GPS data from your iPhone that later can be tagged to the photos you’ve taken with your more impressive (but GPS lacking) cameras. Continue reading

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EXPERIMENT: City Tour (looping footage)

Designed for extreme sport coverage, these little camera’s pack quite a punch when it comes to capturing intense action in high definition. That’s right, this camera captures HD! So what did we do with it? Attached it to the front of the car, and took a little trip. Continue reading

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FREE FOOTAGE: Time Lapse Thunderhead

While shooting this weekend, I happened to see a thunderhead building right in my shot. Too bad I was shooting with a wide angle lens at the time! A quick change out, allowed me to capture this closer shot of a thunderstorm building and then moving off frame. Continue reading

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