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TUTORIAL: Keying in Adobe After Effects CS6

I do a show called The Want List that requires a bunch of keying in Adobe After Effects. In this video I walk you through my process of going from Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to Adobe After Effects CS6 and … Continue reading

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Adobe After Effects CS6 Walk Through

Adobe After Effects CS6 has a number of new features. Included in this walk-through/demo, are the new caching features, the 3D Camera Tracker, and Advanced 3D Render engine that allows the user to extrude text. Continue reading

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TUTORIAL: The Want List intro

This tutorial walks the student through the creation of The Want List intro. Continue reading

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TUTORIAL: Tracking a Trophy with Mocha for After Effects

This is a live in-class tutorial/demonstration of how to use Mocha for AE to track the front of a trophy, and then replace it with a new faceplate for an interstitial for an awards program. Continue reading

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Podcasting 101 Part 2: All that audio stuff

I was really surprised at the feedback following my first podcasting article, and the number or requests for additional information. You asked for it, and now you’re getting it. Podcasting is now old school. It’s been around long enough that … Continue reading

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So You Wanna Do a Podcast?

About once a week, I receive a request in the Major Spoilers Mailbox asking to spill the secrets of the Major Spoilers Podcast and Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast. The great thing about podcasts is the … Continue reading

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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Final Cut Pro Quick Tip #47

(originally published May 23, 2005) Real-time Multiclip Editing in Final Cut Pro 5 One of the best new features in Final Cut Pro 5 is multicam editing. This handy feature allows those do multiple camera productions to gang the clips … Continue reading

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