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EXPERIMENT: City Tour (looping footage)

It was such a nice day on Saturday, that my son and I went out to have some fun with my GoPro HD camera.  If you haven’t heard of, or seen, one of these cameras, it is a super small, and lightweight camera that is designed to attached to helmets, bikes, motorcycles, skateboards, and anything else you can think of.

Designed for extreme sport coverage, these little camera’s pack quite a punch when it comes to capturing intense action in high definition.  That’s right, this camera captures HD!  So what did we do with it? Attached it to the front of the car, and took a little trip.

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Free Footage: Wheat Field 02

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded free footage. Today, I have another wheat field clip for your use.

Wheat Field 02
Date: June 2005
Format: HDV
Camera: Sony Z1U
Length: 35 seconds
Codec: QuickTime (HDV 1080i60 codec- Very Important)
File Size: 105MB

Right+Click the image and select Save Link As


As always, you may use the footage for any project – that includes feature film, broadcast television, commercial work, indie project, etc. without having to pay a fee. The only thing I ask is you a) do not redistribute the footage as part of a stock footage library, b) please contact me with the project you used the shot in, and c) list me in any credits for the project.

I would also ask that you send a copy of the completed project to me for my records.

Other than that – go to town and have fun. Don’t forget, I also have several other free video clips for you to use.

NOTE: This is an HDV clips captured in Final Cut Pro and exported as a QuickTime movie using the HDV 1080i60 codec. You should be able to open the file in any NLE that supports the HDV 1080i60 format.

Title: Morning Wheat Field HDV Version

Length: 26 Seconds
Record Date: June 1, 2005
Sony Z1U Camera
Format: QuickTime 7(HDV 1080i60 codec)


Download by Clicking Here (78.6 MB)

This 26 second clip is free and you may use it as you like. If you do use it in a commercial production, please let me know if it was helpful.