2014 Epic Storms and Tornadoes from Artbeats

Years ago I met Phil Bates, CEO of Artbeats, one of the most recognized stock footage library companies, to discuss the work he was doing with time-lapse photography that created many of the companies most used and recognized clips. It was interesting getting his take on what can sometimes be a very tedious job of shooting stock footage for sale. This summer Phil spent time driving around the Midwest chasing storms for the company’s new collection. While he didn’t make it as far west as Hays, Kansas. Phil did capture some epic storms, supercells and probably more tornadoes than he cares to remember.

We are very excited to bring you this all-new tornado and extreme weather footage that was shot earlier this year. This highly anticipated footage has multiple shots of tornadoes, supercell structure, rotating mezo cyclones, rolling shelf clouds, lightning, haunting cloud turbulence and more.

This is excellent footage, and for those that don’t want to risk life and limb chasing down very dangerous storms, then this collection from Artbeats is worth checking out. Keep in mind that Artbeats is not a low end clearing house for drek – the company prides itself in high quality content, which means these clips will set you back a bit more than the $30 to $50 some sites charge. For example, a 23 second tornado clip, in HD resolution (1920×1080 progressive) will set you back $599. You do get to download it immediately and use it, and if you are doing the work for a client or two, the cost is passed along, but it is something worth noting. It’s also worth mentioning that not all of the shots from the above sizzle reel are currently available, but Artbeats does a good job at updating their content on a regular basis.

via Artbeats

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